Common FAQs

  1. What should I bring if I am coming in for a brace?
    Please bring your referral or prescription, shorts if you are needing a knee brace and shoes if you are wishing to try on an ankle braces or over-the-counter arch supports.

  2. What do I need to bring to an orthotic appointment?
    You should bring your referral or prescription, pants that can be rolled up to mid-calf or shorts, a sample of the shoes that you want to wear the orthotic in, and be prepared to make a deposit if you decide to get custom foot orthotics. For exact deposit amounts please contact the SportMed store closest to you.

  3. Do you direct bill any 3rd party organizations?
    Yes, for the following organizations: • Worksafe BC • ICBC • Non-Insured Health Benefits for Status Indians • Department of Veterans Affairs • Department of National Defense • RCMP

  4. Can you bill my extended plan directly?
    All services provided are fee-for-service and must be paid for in full at the time of service. Unfortunately we do not bill extended medical plans directly, however, we will provide you with the correct documentation so that you can seek re-imbursement from your extended medical plan.

  5. What is your guarantee on orthotics?
    We guarantee that our orthotics fit properly and can be worn comfortably, however, we do not guarantee therapeutic success or the cure of symptoms. If an orthotic cannot be worn comfortably we will make any necessary adjustments at no charge. If these adjustments do not work we will offer to remake the orthotics or refund the full cost.

  6. What is your guarantee on braces?
    Although we do not guarantee therapeutic outcomes we do guarantee that every brace or support we dispense fits you properly and comfortably. If we have dispensed an improperly fitted product we will replace it with the correct size at no charge.

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