Prescription Ligament Knee Brace FAQ's

Do I need a referral/prescription?
You do not need an referral (Rx) to purchase a brace but having one helps us determine the appropriate level of support. If you have a Rx the brace will be tax exempt. Extended medical plans also require one for coverage.

What is the cost of a brace?
An Off-the-shelf (OTS) brace can range from $595 to $925. Custom braces can range from $1300 to $1425.

How long will it take for the brace to come in?
Usually 5 to 10 business days. OTS braces can take longer if the specific size is on backorder. Also, shipping from some suppliers can save a day or two (eg. West coast vs. East coast, Canada vs. US).

Can I put a Rush on the order?
Yes, but there will be an addition of a “Rush” fee. For custom braces the fee is $75 and this will mean the production of the brace will be put on a “Rush”. We will contact the supplier to get specific “Rush” time but typically production will take 2-3 business days. For OTS braces, this means that the shipping will be expedited, typically to priority overnight.

What is the difference between OTS vs. Custom?
The biggest difference is fit. With an OTS brace we will measure you for 3 different measurements, 6” above mid-patella, mid-patella and 6” below mid-patella. We will then use some of the measurements to look up an approximate size. Custom brace measurements will be a little more detailed and then a brace will be made from those measurements. Warranty periods are also longer with custom braces as well.

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